Thursday, March 29, 2012

April Mod Collab Gay Pride Awareness kit: Born this way!

For this collab we wanted to do something a little different and really went for something that was important! Everybody deserves to be loved and appreciated no matter what their gender. So a few of us got together and made a collab!

This kit has contributions from Karra, Kate and Shani

and you can get it HERE

Scrapping Challenge 1 results!

I was so excited by how well everyone did with the scrapping challenge! WHat we do for those that don't know, we have a scrapping school in the forum that I teach (shani) and we run a scrapping challenge every two weeks. For example for this challenge, I had the girls use a FTU item from the designer who sponsored the challenge in their kits. THey were given specifics and then when the challenge was over we voted on the winner. The winner won CU items from the sponsored designer!

HEre are the kits ready for download!

*note please click on the thumbnails to view them larger


Grape berry from April of Charmed Cowgirl get hers HERE

Incense tones by Cindi of IceHoleCyn get it here

It's spring put a bird on it! by Dana J get it HERE

Cluster frame challenge 1: A littel birdy told me

Our lovely members were challenged to use the freebie kit "a little birdie told me" by Shani of wicked princess scraps to make a cluster frame!

These are now up for grabs! Thank you ladies these are gorgeous!!!

Remember to follow the TOU of the scrap designer AND the frame maker!

*note click on the thumbnails to see them larger


Get Lesias HERE and her blog is HERE

Get Robins HERE and her blog is HERE

Get Stacey's HERE her blog is HERE

Get Teezers HERE and her blog is HERE