Monday, April 15, 2013

~Heritage Word Art~

Here is an awesome Irish Heritage word art made by Jane from Advanced

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~Black & White Classic Beauty Snags~

Here are some awesome classic beauty snags made by the talented ladies in Advanced...






~Spring Word Art~

Here are some spring word arts made by the awesome ladies in Advanced

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~Rockin Snags~

Here are some rockin' snags from the talented ladies in Advacned




~Lyrical Word Art~

Here's an awesome lyrical word art made by the talented Splitz from Advanced...

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Funny Facebook Phrases

Using some of the funny phrases we see on Facebook, our Intermediate members made wordarts to share!

By Jennifer - Dollyphin

By Darla

By Shannon - PrettyGrnIz
By DanaJ

By Shawna
By Lesley-E

PickUp Lines Word Art

Hello everyone -

This week our Experienced Level members had a challenge where they had to create some word art based on the cheesiest pick up lines.  I hope you enjoy them as each member enjoyed making them. We would love to see any creations you make!

*click on each image to preview in full size, right click, save image as*

Luciole -

Shauna -


Natalie -

Lesley -

Ama Nicole -

Rainbow Connection Word Art

Made by our beginners
Inspired by the song "A Rainbow Connection" from the Muppet Movie

^^Made by Shadow^^

^^Made by Melody^^

^^Made by Chell^^

Space Wordart

We have some space wordart for your use by some of our awesome beginner level members! 

By Shadow


By Chell

By Storm
Feel free to snag, but if you do leave some lovin'!

New Wordart from our Beginner Challenges!

Here are some awesome new wordart using quotes by Dr. Seuss from our fantastic beginner level members!

 By Marisia

By Shadow

By Chell

By Storm

Feel free to snag, but leave some love if you do!

Saturday, April 13, 2013