What Pimpin' Is About

The BEST part of Pimpin' Pspers is WHO we are. 
We have a very personal group where everyone is welcome! Whether you're
new, a non-tagger, an experienced tagger, or whatever the case may be,
EVERYONE is welcome to come play and have a good time! 

We have an active Facebook group that works
together with our forum where members can request tags,
play games, compete in challenges or just stop in
and chit chat with other members.

Here on our blog, we share various items
like templates, masks and snaggable tags that our members have made in
competition or just for fun. We also showcase tubes and kits as well 
as other items made exclusively for Pimpin' PSPers so you get
a peek at some of Pimpin's membership perks!

Pimpin' PSPers invites all taggers
whether beginning or seasoned pro to join our group and forum and
make as many or as few offers as you like, to members
that are eagerly waiting to request your work. 

If you're a non-tagger, we invite you too
to join in the fun Pimpin' has to offer. There are always plenty of tag offers
you can request, from the group, the forum or both!

We also offer games 
that taggers and non-taggers can play to earn Diamonds that can be used
to buy everything from exclusive tubes and kits to forum 
and Facebook sets to dress up your profiles.

Stop by and check us out,
there's something for everyone at
Pimpin' PSPers!

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